We've achieved ORBITOSITY!!!

Do you need a cool new logo? Is your old logo lacking coolness? Well, why not join millions of other companies by adding a design element that screams cutting edge. That shouts future. That bellows progress.

Add a Millennium Orbital Crescent Swish!

Below is just a tiny example of the multitudes of modern, forward-thinking companies that have used the Millennium Orbital Crescent Swish to their advantage... AND PROFIT! Follow their lead! Let them think for you! Ignore the banality! WHOOSH INTO THE FUTURE!


3DFX AAA Ameritech
Direct Marketers Association Sony Home Theater OpenTV.com
Midas Red Orb Entertainment Visx
Bomis.com ClickNet Software DVD Express
Wingspan Bank.com ESPN.com Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
The Entangled Web Fujifilm Digital An Extremely Goofy Movie
Al Gore 2000 IDG.net iSyndicate.com
JAC Nortell Networks PowerView
Free Mac Youth With A Mission Interactive Pictures Corp.
Teligent Tickets.com Tower Records

The dislike of crescent swishes continues! Check out the cool little article about LogoHell featured in Print magazine.

Thanks to my LogoHell rantings, Mother Jones magazine asked me to help with a design article about campaign buttons.

Media Jihad has this very nice thing to say in their Ad Spoof Anarchy posting: "Steve does us all a favor by coining the term 'Millennium Orbital Crescent Swish' to describe that damn elliptical swoosh that everybody is using in logo design." I blush!

For much more comprehensive swoosh coverage, visit Alice Matsumoto's site, 50 Cups of Coffee. 50 Cups is no more, so the link now leads to the Wayback Machine archive. It's slow, but it works.

Want to see where the crescent first nudged its way into my conscience? Check out The Logo Factory. Their galleries are almost devoid of swishes now, but back in the day, they had designed over 35 logos with swishes. Maybe they got the word that that wasn't so very swell.

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