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At Home with The Demons


I would love to sit here and tell you that this is Michelle and Alan with their two kids, and that, as you can see, Alan is healing very nicely from the toxic spill at Disney Books Online. But that would be lying, and this is just not a smart time of year to be going around lying to friends and relatives.

In fact, the truth may be more interesting. This is Michelle on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! She played a mother whose kids are momentarily terrorized by a fleeing demon guy. She had a line, too! It's all too exciting for words, really. If any of us knew the air date, I could put it here and tell you to watch. I guess you'll have to see the show every week now, just in case.

J.P. and Jen, the Thanksgiving Dynamic Duo, can be seen at the Library, [but only if you are an expert hunter] or just click here.

I have a couple other pictures you may find palatable. According to one Alan H. Brown, The Thinking Man's Toxic Avenger, they are "a delight and a pleasure to behold!" Golly! You'd better click the following, then:

The Little Bear. The Big Trees.    Trip the Lights Titanic

Finally, the LogoHell page is still there. Check it out, man. It's your duty.


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