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So last week I put up my LogoHell page. Then all of a sudden there's this article in the L.A. Times about Alice Matsumoto, who has also noticed this logular trend and posted a diatribe on her website! Now it turns out she found my site, too, and now I'm famous in Vancouver! (See the 11/18 entry.) My God, can I use more exclamation points?!!!

Yes, you can still see that blood-curdling Halloween costume of mine. Click here to see it now. If you dare. Mooooah ha ha ha. *Cough.*

I'd still like to draw your attention to Penny Arcade, a site mainly for hardcore computer gamers. Even if you don't play games, and even if you hate logo crecents (yes, they have one too!) [Thankfully not any more], the comics are very funny. Check it out.


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