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To get the story behind this atrocity, click the picture above. Everything will be explained there. Meanwhile...

I'm toying with adding a crescent to the wren. Crescents and orbiting particles seem to be all the rage these days for logos. In fact, it's hellishly common. See the new LogoHell page.

I've added a new link that you may enjoy. It's for a site called Penny Arcade. Its main feature is a comic strip for hardcore computer gamers, but I'm not one, and I still like it a lot. There's other stuff to take in, too, so give it a visit.

The saga of Mahir never ends. Is this [link defunct] his real homepage, or just another fake? His original address now says this, while some rabid fan has preserved the original here [link also defunt]. The Mahir Multimedia Event is currently down. But check out the Mahir Gets Funky page [now also defunct] and the new Mahir Interactive Game [not so new to be DEFUNCT!].




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