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See the Mystical Jedi Jacket!

What you see here is not real. I repeat, the image above is not real. It is a clever digital concoction by my friend Dan, sent to me to show what he and my friends had gotten me for my birthday (which was eons ago, on March 17th).

No, they didn't get me a light saber.

The jacket it is. It is a special jacket. Why? Click the picture to find out. Though it's not here yet, it will be soon. Just in time for summer!

I want to thank everyone out there for making my 30th a great birthday. The jacket was only a small part of the whole. The people are the biggest part. I have some kick-ass friends. Thanks, guys!


It's Easter! Time to check the web for Peep sightings. Here are some places to start.

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The PeepsShow!
Peep Research
Peep Fun & Games [Now Defunct]
Peepy Links
Bunny Survival Tests
That last one is Bunnies, not Peeps, but the laser test is worth seeing.

A REMINDER: The Wren is a wren, NOT A PEEP!

The Glorious Wren

The Fiendish Links of
Dr. Fu Manchu

THE BEST: The Brunching Shuttlecocks
The Onion
The Smoking Gun
The Mulligan Institute [Now Defunct]
The "The" Page
Real-Time L.A. Traffic!
Recent L.A. Earthquakes!

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