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It's been 10 years since I began my own website. That's an eternity in Web years. My earliest archived page is from March 15, 1999, though I'm kinda almost positive I had the site up in late 1998.

The site was first parked at, a Disney venture. The terrible alternate address mentioned on that March 15th page was for when URLs decided to crap out, which was often. I did not have my own domain name until 2000.

My oldest Web-based Review On The Side, from December 11, 1998, may have been a slightly older e-mail review gussied up for the site. Yes, ROTS started as an e-mail blast! (I never did finish getting all those online.)

With the advent of things like blogs, social network sites, photo sites, and now Twitter, the purpose of this site has become less obvious to others, perhaps. But not to me. I will not post pictures on Facebook, for instance, because I have my own gallery! Sure, I never update it, but it's mine to never update. And The Wren Forum will always be here, never on Blogger. Why? Because it is mine. I can forever own everything on my sites; I don't want the longevity of my content to be at the whim of someone else's platform. Twitter? Well, we can discuss that over cake some day.

Now would be the time to look through Lek's Library and take a stroll down memory lane. Or, in honor of April, go hunt for Easter eggs. For instance, you can click the Wren button on the left. When you do that on this main page, you learn a little bit about the Wren's origins. Bet you never knew that was there! Or click the book leaning against Lek's Library. Or go through and see which fun holidays you've let pass you by. Since the start, the updated date at the end of every home page has made note of these special days.

If you're reading this, thanks for visiting. If you've been reading it on and off for 10 years, decuple thanks for visiting!


Tweets and Tiny Stories

Here's something I would not have been able to do 10 years ago. Tweet!

I have decided to try something new... for me, at least. I have a new Twitter feed, Tiny Stories (@tinystories). It's an attempt to keep my brain from drying up and losing all creative ability. I figure coming up with 5 stories a week that are 140 characters or less should fit the bill. There's a new icon on the left (OUAT) so you can check it out, follow, and see if can live up to my self-imposed task.

Also, I'm late in telling you about my so-called normal Twitter feed (@lekowicz). My latest tweet is on the left, as is the link to follow me there. The tweet feed sometimes ruins my site layout by making the left column too wide, but that's the price of progress.

Unrelated to my own creations, I just added a Fu Manchu link to Sam & Fuzzy, a great strip I read on and off for years, but am only now diving into 100%. It starts small and mildly funny, but as of #500 or so, it becomes fun and epic. I love it!

By jove, this has been the biggest update to the left side of my site since Pearl Harbor!



Life from the Inside Cast on Couch

UPDATE: Episode 8 is up now. We were featured on iTunes and Zune (read about it at the LFTI blog), and had some great mentions at Cult of Mac and others.

Check out all of Episode 8 at our site, at iTunes [No longer here. Oopsie! —Ed.], on [Blip is long gone. Oopsie! —Ed.], or at YouTube [This does work! Hooray! —Ed.]. Please subscribe at iTunes and leave us some great comments. Our feature may be over, but we still love iTunes.

So, what is LFTI? Here's my now-ancient pitch:

Eons in the making! Culled from thousands of well-researched and treasured sources! Endorsed by imposing, trustworthy figures from histories both recent and ancient! Hailed as the first Internet sitcom to probably win the coveted, as-yet-uncreated Browser Prize! It's Life from the Inside!

Life from the Inside is about Mason, an agoraphobic jingle writer, and his cadre of friends. As a producer and actor on the show, I am completely unbiased when I say it is well-written, clever, and smart. Can you say that about 99% of the crap on YouTube? Nope! You can't! And our episodes are real sitcom length. I know, the trend is for micro episodes in this age of short Web attention spans. That just makes our show special. Dare I say, "real."

Go ahead, get engrossed. Get hooked. Once addicted, you will want to subscribe to get your LFTI fix. Here's a list of links, highest quality to lowest, where you can watch and subscribe to all our stuff:

  • iTunes Podcast. [No longer available here. Oopsie! —Ed.] This video is the best, and will sync to your iPhone and iPod!

  • YouTube, believe it or not, has started offering a high-quality viewing option. Just click "watch in high quality" below the view count.

  • has nice, large videos, but they tend to be stuttery. [Blip was bought by Maker, then Maker was bought by Disney, now Disney is gone. I mean, er, Maker and Blip are both gone and Disney owns the universe. —Ed.]

  • Revver seems to be having quality issues lately, but everything pre-Episode 7 looks good here. [I totally forgot about Revver. So did everyone else, I guess! —Ed.]

What's all this waiting around? Go to the site! Watch all the episodes! Browse the site and read the bios and blog! I think you'll think you'll be glad I thought you'd like it.

Still here, huh? Okay. Here's our trailer. Now THAT should make you want to get to our site right away. Go! Scram! Shoo!




It's Shu und Belt

After an extended absence, the nearly classic Shü und Belt shorts have returned. Sven hunted them down and put them back online. Go, relive the glory of stark retail. Now. Schnell!


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