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Phil with a Non-Trifling Trifle

This is Phil. Philip to his family. He's holding a... Why, what exactly is that he's holding? And why is it so incredibly large?

These questions can be answered indirectly by meeting another lively character. Meet the Photo Wren. He's over there, with the others. Hello, Photo Wren! Hello!

It's been two and a half years since a new wren has joined us here at Lekowicz Heavy Industries, so I thought it was about time to hire one. But first, I had to add an entire new section to the website, for what's a wren without a place to call home?

That home is Steve's Snapshots. That's just my fancy name for my gallery. I needed a place to more easily post all the digital pictures the cornucopia of electronic modernity has seen fit to dump in my lap. Now I can share pics more easily, and you can go see them, download them, even print them at ShutterFly or other online printing services.

Why not take a moment or two to go visit, eh? There's only one set of pictures up for now (for which you have to drill down into a couple sub-albums), but I promise you, just as The Wren Forum has flourished beyond expectation, so shall Steve's Snapshots proliferate past all prophecy.



Otto Presents Bob with Shu Fit

Please to not! You can still see the award-snubbing Shü und Belt shorts, which are now located on their very own page! You can get there from the Library, or by clicking this link. Oops. No, I mean THIS link.


The Peeps are Still Here, Too

I moved the Peeps page to the Library, so if you still have a hankering for Peeps links, you can find them there. One warning: I haven't tested the Peeps links in a while, and the official Peeps site now has loads of links, which might make my own Peeps page useless, but that's too sad to contemplate. At least the Peeps are not forgotten.

Well, okay, they are semi-forgotten, but like a grandma in a difficult-to-get-to nursing home, they are not unloved.


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