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Holy McCow... Could it be? Why, yes, it is! A new page!

As if the new Wren Forum weren't exciting enough (see below), I have finally created a new "real" page, which contains photos from a recent trip to— well, you can tell where.

Aside from Europe LIVE! (Sorta.) and France LIVE! (Kinda.), I haven't added a new page to this site since November 2001. There've been homepage updates to be sure, and the Forum has been very active, and those Europe pages are nothing to sneeze at, but...

But nothing! No apologizing! I shall simply let the glory of Lake Powell speak for itself.

QUESTIONABLY FUN BUT CERTAINLY RIDICULOUS ASIDE: Trebuchet, the font used on most of my library pages, was used for the credits in Good Night, and Good Luck. It jumped out at me when I saw the flick last night because I'd just spent days with it coding the Powell page.



The New Wren Forum Banner

You got that right! NEW! as in really new, not "marketing" new! I am so excited about this makeover, I can hardly contain myself.

The Wren Forum has been completely re-vamped with so many new features, I'd need a bullet list to list them all. But who wants to read bullet lists? Not me! Just click the Ranting Wren or the logo above to get there and check it out for yourself.



RSS Notes

"Holy McCrap! Will you let the RSS issue go already?"

Nope. And I'll tell you why: Thanks to the new Wren Forum having automatic RSS feeds of bountiful variety, the main RSS feed will be less busy. I may on occasion add a Forum link to the RSS feed if I feel it's particularly interesting, but all Forum feeds are now accessed through the Forum. (Visit it and you'll see what I mean.)

If I was you, I'd still keep the feed from this page active, though, because you simply don't want to miss a friggin' minute of the fun here, even if that fun comes once every elephant gestation period time. Er, that didn't come out how I wanted...


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Updated November 9, 2005 (Manfred Man Day)
E-mail: Removed. See live homepage for up-to-date link.
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