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Since the outlook for my having a baby is currently a grim one, I have to count my iPod as one. As a baby. And who on earth would want to slice open their baby to replace its battery? (I remember my sister had a doll that would turn over on its own with a mechanical cacophony of gear noise. That doll's batteries were stored in its butt. A little disconcerting...)

Not long after I got my iPod, a firmware update turned my standby battery time from fine to abysmal. Time and normal battery degradation have also been happening since then. If I at all want my iPod to last longer than an hour or so, I need to make sure it's fully charged before I saunter out into the AC-plugless world.

As of Monday, I'd had it. Time to slice open the baby.


iPod in Pieces

That there's my 2nd-gen 20GB iPod, splayed open for the battery swap. The Sony Fukushima battery at the top there is the original. The replacement comes from TruePower.

Prying the iPod open was not as harrowing as I thought it'd be—it was the one task that kept me from doing this earlier. I did not want to damage my baby! Luckily, there was already a slight gap between the steel and the plastic, so slipping the separator tool around the seam was, er, seamless.


iPod in Pieces

The new battery was easy to replace, but there was a sad side-effect. Since the new battery is slightly thicker than the original, and since it has some kind of added chip or something slapped on, my re-closed iPod is slightly bulgy. I hope this tighter fit does not destroy any of the other components inside...

Well, the sucker's charging, then I get to try it out. I'm hoping for 230 hours of uninterrupted play, with 47 weeks of stand-by! Yes, after operating on my baby, I expect miracles.

RESULT: Okay, I did not get 230 hours. I got 21. GAZANG! I was getting 3½. 21 is good. 21 is great. 21 is amazing! I'll take it! 21 hours of continuous play! A little bulge in the iPod is very much worth almost a full day of music on one charge.

Oh, but wait. It just caught fire and exploded. Fooey.




Last month, I added another new link to the Fu Manchu area. Last week, I added yet another.

The first link leads to PostSecret, a blog a man has started where he posts secrets sent to him on postcards by willing participants. The secrets are all anonymous, of course. Go to the bottom of the site page to read about it and get a submission address.


Do Not Start

It's amazing what people are admitting. Amongst the confessions of booger eating and foot fetishism are some shocking revelations. The two 9/11 secrets currently up count as such, as does the post card admitting that someone was doing time for someone else's actions. Some, like the person thanking a psychiatrist for saving their life, are genuinely moving. These are fantastic reads, little poems by real people.

I'm still trying to figure out what I'd send in. Maybe the one about my secret desire to run away and join an equities management firm.

The second link is Dajoro's second blog, one devoted to Atheism. It's more of a "let the religious wackos hang themselves" kind of thing. Darren simply posts stories from the news that demonstrate the general retardation infesting the religious community. Are there no sane believers left any more? If so, you got your work cut out for you to salvage the respectability of your beliefs.



France LIVE! (Kinda.)

France LIVE! is still up, of course. If for some reason you missed it (do you not watch A Current Affair?), you can still see it here. Many Gallic wonders await you!


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