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"Okay. I shan't. Considering the engine is missing."

I am another happy convert to cell phone cameras. Car dealerships being generally devoid of anything humorous or memorable worth photographing whatsoever, who but one with a cell phone camera would have been able to capture this surprise?

This was taken the day after my boss, Richard, got a brand new A4 Cabriolet (with optional sports package). We were back at the Audi dealership for him to finalize some tidbits.

A couple days later, he was left stranded in an intersection when his air intake hose became unfastened. I can only hope his experience will not lead to some words of incontestable obviousness being scrawled across his windshield in china marker.



I have added yet another new link on the left, there. It leads to PostSecret, a blog a man has started where he posts secrets sent to him on postcards by willing participants. He and the site were featured on NPR a little while back (and, I've been informed, the New York Times today.) The secrets are all anonymous, of course. Go to the bottom of the page to read about it and get a submission address.


Super Semi-Secret

It's amazing what people are admitting. Amongst the confessions of booger eating and foot fetishism are some shocking revelations. The two 9/11 secrets currently up count as such, as does the post card describing poking holes in yet-to-be-used condoms. Some, like the person thanking a psychiatrist for saving their life, are genuinely moving. These are fantastic reads, little poems by real people.

I'm still trying to figure out what I'd send in. Maybe the one about my secret desire to run away and join an equities management firm. Or maybe the one about me loosening Richard's air intake hose.



France LIVE! (Kinda.)

France LIVE! is still up, of course. If for some reason you missed it (do you not watch A Current Affair?), you can still see it here. Many Gallic wonders await you!


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