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Live! From France! (Kinda.)

A coconut has hit me on the head and I have decided to do another day-by-day travelogue. Last year's presentation of my business trip to London and Paris was such a smash hit with the under-100 set that I wondered whether I should repeat the draining feat for my upcoming two-week business trip to Paris. Then the coconut hit.

I am mad.

However, whosoever shall reap the benefits of said madness shall the benefits reap, as it were, and when all is said and done, another (hopefully) fun trip overseas will have a (hopefully) entertaining archive here for all time.

The fun runs from April 6th to April 20th. During this time, I will post daily updates,* so check back frequently as well as often.

Ready? Then click the France LIVE! banner above! Or, if you feel that clicking on banners is an evil link to ruin, click here instead. Then seek counseling.

Oh, and need I mention that you can use the RSS feed to stay on top of this whole endeavor automatically? I don't? Oh, swell!

*Updates not guaranteed. Poor air conditioning and/or heating, unplanned student uprisings, wild croissant gorings, or other decidedly French spontaneity may** cause interruptions in postings.

**Or may not


What's Past is Past...

...except in the exciting world of THE INTERNET! If you missed the tower of G5 towers and the most-read RSS fable in history, click here to un-miss it.


My God, That's a Lot of Space

I've had so much content up here lately that the text here on the right side of the page always kept vertical pace with the many links on the left. Now the links are out-running the content, and I can not help but feel a sense of shame only a designer would understand.

Of course, one look at that France LIVE! logo and you might wonder who exactly is calling himself a "designer" here...


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