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Mac, oh Mac! How do I love thee? Let me count the boxes...


Tower of G5 Towers

Thanks to a huge meeting in Florida over the next couple of weeks, we needed to add some "firepower" to our "arsenal" of "Macs." Er, Macs. No "quotes."

First came the two new 17" PowerBooks (the new 1.67GHz ones, of course). Then, after a tease and some sweating, these happy wonders arrived at the last minute.

And who gets to format them all? DING DING DING DING DING! Good answer!


It was the middle one, officer.

It's tedious work to set-up five computers in a row to ready them for a big job. But when they are machines as nicely built, as impeccably designed, and as inspiringly beautiful as the G5s and PowerBooks, it's like a baker having to taste his wares to make sure they are amply delicious.

So you see, the last couple days at work, I've been in heaven. Mac heaven. Touching brushed aluminum all day. You may think one space can not contain so much beauty, but my office was holding three 17"s and four G5s, and the universe didn't collapse under the weight of all that lovliness.


More Aluminum than Wood

Okay, enough of the salivating. Most of you wouldn't understand! (But in case you do, yes, that's my every-day office G5 on the desk, with two 23" Cinema Displays running off the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL card. Oh, and as an added bonus, note the stack of three new LaCie Bigger Disk 1TB drives on the floor...)


'Twas the Season

If all this technological worship has got you pining for the previous installment of this fine Webspace, click right here. The headless gingerbread man and the pictures from NYC are all there. No Macs in sight. (Oh, except a mention of the Apple Store SoHo. Sorry!)


"Dear Steve: What is RSS?"

Are you MAD? Have you been living in a cave with dial-up? Well, let me once again tell the story of how you, too, can enjoy the immediacy and wet-inkness of RSS.

Once upon a time, the creator of this site imagined in his mind that there were people who wanted to be alerted the instant he updated any information here. The people were told, "Yea, visit Ranchero Software to get NetNewsWire 2.0 beta for Mac OS X," and they did, discovering a free lite version toward the bottom of the page.

Some of these people, however, used something horrible called Windows that was foisted upon them by fate, circumstance, society, and evil. These people, though stuttering through a user experience concocted by daft bastards, still desired the joys of RSS, and they were told, "Yea, if you can not throw off the shackles of mediocrity, at least take solace with SharpReader for Windoze."

Then something happened with wizards, dragons, faeries, trolls, princes, magic, unicorns, gold coins, misty moors, fancy dress balls, knights in armor, glassy-still lakes, enchanted weaponry and amulets, and very small windows in cold stone rooms, after which the people were told, "Yea, you were able to read the RSS feeds all along. All you had to do was click the Glory be! The RSS logo! images here or at the bottom of the page and use that browser address to subscribe in your RSS reader."

The people, being fed up with this tedious story, threw down their optical mice, pushed back their ergonomic yet uncomfortable office chairs, and stomped into the kitchen to find a comforting snack.



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Updated February 20, 2005 (Connect Four Day)
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