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For the second year in a row, I spent Thanksgiving with Marcy's family in New York. We stayed with her cousin April and April's family, husband Jon and kids Jacob—a.k.a. Jake—and Molly. Of course there were trillions of other people there, too. The house was a constant buzz.

Also for the second year in a row, the whole gang of us ventured into the city on Saturday to turn the place inside-out. A highlight has been visiting Ferrara's in Little Italy. Talk about yer pastries!


The Sugar Gang

I sat at the kids' table at Ferrara's. Of course. With me were Jake, Phil, Carrie, and Molly. We each had to pass a hazing ritual involving pouring raw sugar into our mouths from the spout of the sugar dispenser.


Strawberries and Jake Things just went downhill from there.


More Ferrara's Folks

Meanwhile, at a more reserved table, Marcy enjoyed chumming with her cousin Michael, his wife Annette, and, just barely, Isela. In the background are Marcy's brother, dad, and mom.



Walking the streets on our way to various shops, we noticed that Carrie looked very much like the Centrino Pretty Tough girl.


The Circular Cycle

After losing most of the family to fatigue, and following a soul-enriching trip to the Apple Store SoHo, the remainder of us decided to go to Times Square and ride these incredibly dangerous but oh-so-fun "circular" cycles where six people plus the driver sit facing each other. Everyone pedals to get the cycle whizzing among the traffic, nearly rear-ending taxicabs and mowing down less adventurous tourists.

This exercise in silliness was followed by a late-night pizza at a former church and some crowd-pleasing pratfalls at Penn Station.

For some reason, I only took pictures this one day. But that's good for you, because now you don't have to sit through more long-winded HTML.


Ludicrous Letters

If you miss the silly letters that were once here, click this useful link.


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