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Hell Begins with a Second Term

It's 12:30am. While there is still a tiny chance that Ohio could go to Kerry via provisional ballots, it is looking very grim. Republicans are already turning this VERY, VERY CLOSE RACE into a mandate for the conservatives to push through their foreign policy and "moral" social agenda. That's not how a mandate works, my little elephant friends!

And according to CNN, Bush is even about to declare victory before Kerry concedes the race, which is just not done. It's cocky. Smug. Arrogant. Typical Bush.

Four more years of this hubris? Just wait. Now that these people do not have to worry about re-election, this second term is going to be horrible.

Shucks. And I was feeling so positive about the system and the process.

Well, the funny form letters are still below for levity, and yesterday's pre-election page is here, for a sense of the voting day excitement. Time to hit the hay and dream of a better America in 2008. Congrats everyone for a well-fought fight.



I got a baffling letter from Wells Fargo on Monday. After much reading and re-reading, studying and brow-furrowing, I determined someone either had a sense of humor or a sense of error. I have yet to encounter anyone at Wells Fargo with a sense of humor.


Did I Move?

Symbolically, the letter was relevant, as I've been renovating my apartment since Sven's departure. After all the painting and furniture buying and re-arranging is done, it will indeed feel like I've moved by staying in the same place.

On the topic of funny form letters, I am reminded of another hilarious one I got years ago and have had up in my office since my office was a cubicle.


Ah, the benefits of business ownership!

I sent them back a nice response confirming that it was, indeed, fantastic to be running my own business! I assured them that my company was a success, thank you, and that it was sure to only get better. I did express disappointment that they were suggesting I visit their small business website, however. That was a touch demeaning.


Don't Forget RSS!

If you haven't experienced the pleasure of RSS, I urge you to give it a try. As owner of my own multi-billion-dollar home entertainment company, I could never steer you wrong on a matter of Web geekdom.

If you want to be alerted whenever I update this site, try the swell NetNewsWire for Mac OS X (there's a free lite version toward the bottom of the page) or SharpReader for Windoze. Then subscribe using the addresses that show up in your browser address bar when you click on the Glory be! The RSS logo! images here or at the bottom of the page. Oh, and I've got a separate feed for Reviews On The Side as well! Fantastic.


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