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For no apparent reason, I have added RSS feeds to this page and to Reviews On The Side. Curious? Try the swell NetNewsWire for Mac OS X (there's a free lite version toward the bottom of the page) or SharpReader for Windoze. Then subscribe using the addresses that show up in your browser address bar when you click on the Glory be! The RSS logo! images here, at the bottom of the page, and on ROTS.


The DANGERS of the Web! UPDATED 7/21

It seems that Censored Naked Man, my Halloween costume from years ago, has been taking a little voyage around the Internet. He has been posted on:

An Italian blog, June 14th entry. One comment translated roughly as "ugly thing, censorship."

A British forum called The Tree House [link defunct]. He's at the bottom, posted May 25th by someone using a picture of Derren Brown as their icon.

Another forum called FUNKSHITUP, the July 1, 10:18am posting by CAPITAN. He's two-thirds of the way down, just under pictures of Ewan McGregor (cool beans!).

And yet another forum, this one Dutch or Finnish or... I can't even tell. It's called Psihologija Lounge, and CNM is posted more than half-way down the page thanks to poster hermiona. (If ANYONE can read this one, I'd love to know what they are saying!)

My God, I should be scared by this! I should feel violated! I should take the original down right away! But the thing is, I put it up in the first place. So I find it delightful that my costume is titillating and tickling the fancy of people around the world. When I'm famous some day, some talk show host will pull this picture out and hope to embarrass me. Instead, I will be calm, pause a moment, and say, "So I wore boxers. So what?"

UPDATE: Almost entirely at once, Angela in L.A. and Dani in Germany have set me on the right path: The last entry is not Dutch or Finnish, it's Croatian/Serbian! It's still too difficult to translate. The only word that made sense was "belly." Anyone?


Europe LIVE!

The Europe trip is still here for your giddy delight. Visit it once more and feel like you're young again for the very first time, minus the teething and burping up.

WARNING: The pages are chock-full of photos, so it may take some time to download them, especially if you have a dial-up.


New Links

I have a new link section for people I know. It's there on the left, under "Some People I Know." That title won the nation-wide naming contest. Second place was "The Most Beautiful People in the World," and third place was "mUh HomeyZ yo yo."



Multitudes of people (a whole 7 or 8, though most of them are John in disguise) have discovered the delights of The Wren Forum. Come join the fun. It's better than Atkins! Click on The Ranting Wren over in the left navigation area there.


Oh, and The Yellow Guy is finally in the Library where he belongs. Whew!

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