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Je suis back from Europe, and I'm very happy that the grand experiment worked. Dispite my access to the Internet getting more limited as I went, Europe LIVE! (Sorta) worked. Somehow, I managed to post an update every day. And now there's a souvenir of the trip finished and ready to keep forever and ever (or at least until the Internet crumbles).

WARNING: The pages are chock-full of photos, so it may take some time to download them, especially if you have a dial-up.


Some More Movie Reviews

Spidey rocks! That sounds adolescent and lame, but it's true. It was better than Harry Potter, but I say that in a loving way. Of course, it is neither better nor worse than Fahrenheit 9/11, which is a must-see against Bush. (If I vanish in the night, this will be why.)



Multitudes of people (a whole 7 or 8, though most of them are John in disguise) have discovered the delights of The Wren Forum. Come join the fun. It's better than Atkins! Click on The Ranting Wren over in the left navigation area there.


Coincidence Time SOLVED!

The Yellow Guy Because I'm too lazy to finish porting this popular feature to the Library, I am leaving the link here for now. Click the picture to see it for the baker's dozenth time. Oh, and did I mention I went to Europe?


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