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But First, Don't Forget the...


New and Exciting Interactive Feature:

See that little guy? The new one on the left? On the soapbox?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there's a new wren in the family. Please welcome, with all the fanfare befitting, say, a sixth member of *NSYNC, the Ranting Wren!

I've finally created a place to add your brilliant blather and comment on others' less-insightful blather. Including mine. It's as much fun as watching TV, if not more, and the Ranting Wren is here to lead the way into this new and exciting realm. Click on him in the left link area to try it out TODAY!!!


HOLY CRAPINO! More New Reviews!

My last round of movie reviews was not enough to satiate me. And so I wrote more. Have I gone mad? Like an engagement ring vendor!


That '80s Fashion Show

Gentlemen and ladies of taste, my theory is coming true.

What theory? Why, the one that states this:

"The introduction of retro fashions will continue to outpace the timing of new fashions until both collide, making new immediately retro and creating a fashion event horizon."

Take the re-introduction of such labels as Le Tigre, IZOD, Jordache, and Generra. Three of these brands have been has-beens, and one has been hanging on at outlet malls. But now they're all back. Some are creating new styles, some are offering up the old ones. '80s-style polo shirts are all over the place now. The '80s are here to supplant the '70s, which were cool the last couple years. The '60s were cool at the end of the '90s.

At this pace, we should be hitting the '90s by 2007. By 2010, expect the retro fashion to be the '00s, which will in fact not be the '00s because the '00s were really the '70s, '80s and '90s (and the '90s were really the '50s and '60s with a little grunge thrown in, thanks to Kurt Cobain). Because our computers won't be able to handle a mixing of so many decades, the world will fall into a new Dark Age.

If only they would bring back the un-shrunk sizes of my favorite snack foods, I'd be fine with all this.


Coincidence Time SOLVED!

The Yellow Guy Finally, I have posted the origins of this mysterious fellow, who's haunted this page since time immemorial. Click the pic to see!


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