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Yes. Over a year. That's how long it's been since I've updated my site. Thankfully, I was visited by a band of surly thugs one recent evening, and, after an eye-opening round of violent persuasion, I decided to try my good-God-damndest to do something in this space, even if it meant simply changing this message.

Despite the fear of reprisals from the swarthy nocturnal miscreants, I am leaving the ancient Colorado Summer link intact. There's gotta be sumthin' purty to look at, after all. I hope to get a collection of new pics together soon. I just need to go somewhere interesting with my camera.


The Air Up There


Vive l'Acting!

I will be in that marvel of old French wit, Tartuffe, from September 18 to November 1 (yes, 2003!). If you've never visited Torrance, trust me, this is the only way to do so. I will post details as they become post-embryonic.


Coincidence Time! (Forever)

The Yellow Guy

While I have yet more samples of this fellow to add, including the solution to his mysterious origins, the page is as it was for now... Click on the pic!


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