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The September 11 terrorist attack was too horrible to get one's head around. Yet I have to point you in the direction of my favorite satirical periodical, The Onion. I have always found their humor extremely clever, well-written, and right on the mark. After a week off, they've plunged right into the terrorist attacks with an impressive and delicately-balanced issue that supports and lampoons what we're all thinking. And, if you're in the mindset for it, it gives you some laughs as well. Check it out here if you feel you are ready to do so.


Wainbow Bwidge


I can explain my lack of homepage updates quite simply: Work, Agatha Christie Play, Jury Duty, New Significant Other, Bad Diet. But I hope to be better at updates over the next couple months. That is until Work intervenes yet again. [INSERT SIGH HERE]


"That's All Well and Good, But...

...What the hell's that [pointing at frightening picture above]?" Ah, it's from a trip I took way back in May. It's Rainbow Bridge. At Lake Powell. It's a very beautiful place, and perfect for acting stupid in front of.



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