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Yes, Marcy and I fell victim to that big ferris wheel thingy at an employee preview of Disney's California Adventure. It was the most terrifying ride ever. Do you doubt that? Do you? Do you doubt the hell that is the FERRIS WHEEL???


Looks Like I'm Bleeding Edge

I bought Mac OS X. I did. Is it buggy? Yes. Is it a little slow at times? Yes. Is it the coolest friggin' thing ever? Yes. Oh, there's lots of work to be done, but I'm having a blast with it (typing this HTML while using it, in fact). Normal, sane people, beware! Don't buy it for a while yet. Wait for OS X.I.


LogoHell in Print

Yeah, you've all read this a billion times. But I keep it here just in case... LogoHell had a nice little write- up in Print magazine. Click here to see. (And dig that ugly-ass background color they used. BLARG!)

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