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Reviews On The Side Presents

I am in a unique position this year (unique for me, that is) to comment on almost everything in the major categories this year. Take a read, won't you?


Out with the Yellow, In with the Blue

Yes, that's right. After only two years—a Bible's age in Internet terms—I have re-designed my homepage. Considering it was due for one the minute I put it up in March, 1999, I'm way behind. But I'm not a major corporation with millions to spend creating a new brand image every six months. I'm just me.

And this is my new home! On new servers! (Read: Swell.)

Everything's still here, so poke around. If you discover any bad links or missing pictures, let me know, because I had to go through all my code and re-direct all my links and pointers. That's what good planning can do for you!


LogoHell in Print

In case you haven't seen it yet, LogoHell had a nice little write- up in Print magazine. Click here to see. (And dig that ugly- ass background color they used. BLARG!)

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