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In Celebration of Gravity

Food Code, my and David's (why does that sound so grammatically wrong?) short take-off of Time Code, did not make the finals for the iCAST on-line film contest. Dare I say BOO HOO!

David and I both thank you, though, for your help and your multitude of clicks over the last few weeks. We were fairly high up on the list! But Food Code is not dead. Oh, no. Not by a long shot. Bigger plans are afoot!

You can still see the movie at iCAST, but I don't suggest you do. That version is not the finished one, and it looks choppy and horrible, especially over a 56K connection. However, if you're still curious, click here, then click on Food Code.

Shell Shocked

For more Food Code coverage, click either picture above to get to David's site. Thanks again to everyone who helped us pull this off!


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