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Ponder this. Ponder that. Ponder yonder.


You may find it hard to believe that I enjoy thinking from time to time. You may also find it difficult to accept that I think about the things I know. You may find it even more puzzling that I have put some of my thoughts here for you to see. Why? Well, perhaps I hope to share my knowledge with you. Perhaps I wish to become more touchy feely. Or maybe I just had nothing much to do today at work. Click Ruminations above to find the answers.

Ink, Not Pixels
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Looking for the letter I wrote myself in 1990? Looking for my globally-famous pictures of my Colorado holiday? You'll find them in Lek's Library.

I Am Cardoz! David Melito presents Part IV of his Twine Tour!

The Twine Tour also has a new index for easy navigation. If you're new to the Twine Tour, start here.

The Mini-Twine Tour was a huge success! I'll post a couple pictures as soon as I get them developed. Thanks to David for organizing.


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