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This is the exciting choice you get to make now that you have stumbled upon this website! Last updated in 2009 (except for this message, updated in 2023), this used to be a vibrant hub of fun and frivolity... before the TikToks and Instagrams... Before the Facebooks and Twitters... Before the mobiles and tablets... Before the dark times... Before the Empire...

If you click around on the little wren buttons to the left there, you will stumble upon a world that was. I was using the wrens a LONG time before Twitter was around, so OOOOOOOOO! to me amirite*?

The Ranting Wren goes to my old blog, The Wren Forum, which is chock-full of posts from me and friends. Yes, I allowed others to post there! Thus, semantically, "Forum."

Old Man Wren runs my library... sorta sub-sites and home page archives that are quite revealing, let me tell you.

The Movie Wren will take you to Reviews On The Side, where I used to post reviews of what were current-run films, many of which are now considered important classics.

And while I've culled down my linky-links quite a bit, I did leave some up for sites that are still vibrant and active. Radio Paradise is still a pleasure to listen to... give it a try! New additions include Crooked Media, which has been an important salve during these miserable times.

Finally, if you just can't hack all this hand-coded HTML goodness (see how quickly this website loads? Don't you miss websites that were fast?), simply follow me on Mastodon (@lekowicz@mastodon.online). Thanks to Muskafuckaria, I finally deactivated my Twitter, which was painful to do after 16 years there.

*Archaic term for "am I right?"


Thank you for your visit, futureperson!


Updated July 1, 2023 (Things Just Got Worse Day)
E-mail: a.stevelek.003@me.com (Put the word "groovy" in the subject to bypass spam filters)
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