A Slightly-Less-Than-Interesting Coincidence... Now Solved!

I was flipping through Home Theater magazine last night and came upon the following ad:
NAD Yellow Guy

But then get this... Oh, this is sweet! Today I was looking for a Disney shareholder site and stumbled upon this: Yellow Guy

Are you completely wiggin' out or what? I mean, WOAH! This guy... Is he a clip art model? Is that lucrative? Probably not. I'm sure this guy gets no residuals even though his picture is all over the place ("all over the place" meaning in at least two places).

I won't even mention the Millennium Orbital Crescent Swish involved.
Nope. Not a peep from me about that.

Oh, but wait... This just in...



One day, after seeing The Yellow Guy in many other places, including light pole banners at the Burbank Media City Center Mall...
Yellow Guy, Flappin' in the Breeze

...this direct-mail post card thingy...
Sony Yellow Guy

...and even on
Date the Yellow Guy! boss, Richard, got a stock image catalog in the mail. He never looks at these things, but something (can you doubt it was Jesus Christ?) made him flip through this one. And, lo and behold...

Yellow Guy Catalog Top
Yellow Guy Catalog Not Top

There he was!

Number 91019!

(A palindrome!)

  So this guy is a clip art model. Poor guy. His face is everywhere, and yet he's only a number in a catalog. A cool number, of course, but just a number nonetheless.

Shup, Man!

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November 9, 2001
Updated April 19, 2004
©2004 Steven Lekowicz