I'm the King of Nothing

Sven and I took a bus trip to Mexico to see Fox Studios Baja, the studio built specifically for the making of Titanic. Unfortunately, nothing was shooting there, so all the soundstages were empty. Oh, except for the one they'd turned into a Titanic museum. Sets and props not destroyed during filming were on display. You could hear a tour guide drone on about how he was an extra in the movie. Or you could ignore him and walk around on your own, which was much more rewarding. In the picture above, the giant anchor is made out of Styrofoam or some other lightweight squeaky material. I could've picked it up with my teeth!


Parts of Titanic were shot "backwards." For instance, since the huge Titanic mock-up was built facing one way and the scene of it at dock required it be facing the other way, all the printing in the dock scene had to be backwards. Then the image was flipped so all could be historically accurate. Thus the backwards "S.S. Titanic" on this lifeboat.

I would recommend you go to Fox Studios Baja ONLY if you had some other reason to be down there. There was not much to see. And whatever you do, don't go down on a bus populated with loudmouthed idiots. The trip will be hell.

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Trip: October 30, 1999
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