The Long Bus Goodbye

There is no better way to see Sequoia National Park than to see it from the beautifully-appointed insides of a giant recreational vehicle, don't you agree? You may think something as low-tech as camping would work better, but I don't think so. I mean, how would you microwave your popcorn?


Burnt. Very.

John, Jason, Doug, and I didn't stay in our wheeled pod of convenience the whole time. Oh, no! We ventured out to see such visions as this burnt sequoia stump with charred fallen remains. It was fascinating. (That's not smoke, BTW, but light ash kicked up by Jason behind the stump.)


Smoky Bloke

Ah, you see? There you go. Jason, kicking ash. Take only pictures, leave only airborne particulate matter.


Lookin' for Tree Guts

Forest fires over the years have done damage to all the sequoias, but since they are fire resistant, many still live on, even if partially gutted, like this one. (Commas courtesy Munkee and McFarlaine Punctuation.)


Wild Bear! (With Ear Tag)

And here is our close (but not very) brush with one of Nature's creatures. We were muy excited to see it, even if it did have a honkin' huge tag in its ear, a sign of its not really being all that wild. The bear didn't seem to give a good God damn about us, though. Stupid bear!


Domesticated Puppy!

While not really a wild creature, this puppy (being given away outside a grocery store) was more approachable, and therefore more real. Screw the bear... I say SAVE THE PUPPIES!


Findin' Animal Guts

The food of choice for the discriminating traveler. FACT: Snouts and bowels have a longer shelf life than even Twinkies.


Smiting Woodmites

Inevitable on any trip to nature is, of course, the band shot. Here are three of the four members of Smiting Woodmites. (They're really big in Denmark.)


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