Like threading a car through a donut hole...

David Melito, co-host of the original Twine Tour and nutcase extraordinaire, put together a wicked fine Mini Twine Tour for some of his friends. We piled into one minivan and one car, then vroomed our way toward a day of adventure and discovery! First, though, we needed breakfast, so we stopped at The Donut Hole, where the donut selection is better driving through than standing at the pedestrian window.

To the Land of Saturated Fats



Next stop, the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum in Victorville, California.


Most unusual in the museum is Trigger, dead and stuffed.

Trigger as a stiff.
A Right Smart Set of Riders

Where there are costume hats and fake horses, there's a posse!


After a spell at the museum, we moseyed on over for a bite o' grub at some local cafeteria.

Food Fit for Vomiting

Nothing could help this meal more than a blender.


Survivors of the Cafeteria

The yummy feast left us all vibrant and revitalized. Macaroni and cheese and pudding will do that.


With gusto, we drove our way to Helendale, California, to see EXOTIC WORLD, with your host...

Dixie Evans as a Ravishing Older Woman

DIXIE EVANS! Dixie was the Marilyn Monroe of burlesque back in "the day," and she gave us quite a tour.


Oh, but that is all I have for you. I'm sorry! I did this thing where I opened up my camera while the film was still in it. Yes, I know. Moron. But I'm sure David will have his own pictures posted soon, and I'll send you there then. In the meantime, try Eric Nuzum's site to see more pictures and get someone else's take on the place. And he was there for Miss Exotic World 1999! Pay it a visit. [NOTE: Page is gone now. So don't pay a visit.]


Old Man Wren

Trip: March 11, 2000
Page: April 5, 2000