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Link to the Bigger Picture

Got all that? Good! Did you click the above to see the picture up close? Swell!

See, I am (and, because this page will probably be up for three of four years, was) in two plays this summer for Culver City Public Theatre. Yeah, two plays. It's been a gas.

If you're reading this after August 20th, the run is over, but if not, come on down and watch the shows! The Thieves' Carnival review is pretty lousy, but the idiot director has since left in a huff and so we've re-jiggered the show. I think it'll just get better as we go.

For complete info on the shows, see the full schedule here. Here's a Google map of the park. And for more dirt on that director guy and other drama, keep checking The Wren Forum. He sent us all an e-mail I simply have to post!




Otto Presents Bob with Shu Fit

Back in March, Sven and I (and Pete) finally shot the nearly infamous Shü und Belt series. The videos have been available online since early June. I didn't share this information right away because I was dissapointed with the results. I'd had the visual look of Shü und Belt in my head for years, and it was nothing like this. However, the shorts are amusing to watch, and Sven gives a hilarious performance! And thanks to Pete, we got to get the concept out of our heads and finally out into the world.

Here, then, are the direct YouTube links:
Episode I: Shü und Belt
Episode II: Pigboat
Episode III: MOS
Episode IV: Mein Arnold

If Sven's character intrigues you, why not visit Otto's MySpace page? The videos reside there, also.


It's an early cut of Episode 2: Pigboat! This version includes some deleted shots that, I think, should have stayed in the final version. (Because this is an early cut, there is no music, no opening, no color correction, etc. etc. etc.) It's 6MB, so give it a chance to load...



Remembering Food Code

Food Code Mess

It's been 250 years since the events that led to the filming of Food Code, and to celebrate, I've uploaded a larger (MUCH larger), easier-to-see version at the Last Donut site. Go watch it today, won't you?



Lake Powell 05 Link

I hope you're not sick of this image yet, because I'm gonna leave it and link to the Lake Powell gallery here for those who only visit this page once a year.


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