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New and Exciting Interactive Feature:

See that little guy? The new one on the left? On the soapbox?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there's a new wren in the family. Please welcome, with all the fanfare befitting, say, a sixth member of *NSYNC, the Ranting Wren!

I've finally created a place to add your brilliant blather and comment on others' less-insightful blather. Including mine. It's as much fun as watching TV, if not more, and the Ranting Wren is here to lead the way into this new and exciting realm. Click on him in the left link area to try it out TODAY!!!


MY GOD! NEW REVIEWS! (Now Oldish.)

If you have nothing better to do for the next several hours, feel free to read my brand new reviews of two terribly violent films. Which ones? Follow the link to find out!



So life goes on. Work for The Mouse gets more intense. Ben and J.Lo have come and gone. George W. rankles the nation. And websites fall by the wayside.

I realized recently that, during this time of poorly-updated websites and non-existent movie reviews, I have become more vehemently political. This president guy... What the hell? How could someone so cruel and uncaring about the people of America have gotten into power? I have been awakened to the danger of his presence, and I stir...

Meanwhile, in a place called the World-Wide Web, blogs have become the new black.

"Uh oh," I hear you say, "Looks like Steve's gonna start blogging about Bush!"

Well, no, not exactly. I just need to make it clear that I hate him. But in a Passion of the Christ sort of way. See, in Passion (which I did see, BTW), as J.C. is either being hammered to the cross amidst a torrent of gushing blood or as he's being hoised into an erect position—I forget which—there's a flashback of him telling a small audience of curiosity-seekers, "Love your enemy as you love your friend." Then what happens? Crucifixion Buddy #1 accepts J.C. and is told by same that he will enter Heaven. Crucifixion Buddy #2 just laughs, as any sane person who's about to die and hears this nutjob next door claiming to be the son of God would do, and he gets pecked in the face by a crow (or is it a raven?). So, though J.C. says one thing, God's saying another, and since I consider Georgie Bush a distant but ominous and dangerous enemy, and since God trumps Jesus, I am allowed to either send a raven to peck W in the face, or I can just hate him here on my own little patch of the Web.

So, no, no blogging going on here. Nothing inflamatory or political. I promise.


Coincidence Time SOLVED!

The Yellow Guy Finally, I have posted the origins of this mysterious fellow, who's haunted this page since time immemorial. Click the pic to see!


Bye Bye, Brunching

So The Brunching Shuttlecocks are no more. Yes, you can visit and see their archives, which I highly recommend if you have never been Brunched, but the authors have moved on and there is no new content. Removing their icon from my links area was a sad moment.

In an effort to memorialize the site in a way of which the Shuttlecocks would have approved, I am collecting my tears in hand-blown glass jugs and sending these monthly to the Amazon, where, as per my instructions, a dedicated environmentalist named Joshua hikes three days to a tree I purchased through a program to save the forest from clearcutting and waters the ground around it with the fruits of my sorrow.


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