The REAL Real World

Take a bunch of old friends, plus some newer ones and their baby. Put 'em all in one house for Y2K. What happens? PUBLIC NUDITY! Ah, but don't think you'll see any of that here. No, these are the tame pictures. Above, for instance, you see Min, Darren, Melanie, Robbyn (with Moose), Jeremy, that me guy, Lisa, and Greg in front of Greg's parents' house in Grand Lake, Colorado. This is where we welcomed 2000. (Andrew took the picture.)


Festive Padre

First off, a picture from Christmas. Yup. Every year, my dad gets lots of baseball hats, and we always get a picture of him wearing them all. This year, though, we got the extra-special bow treatment, which, of course, makes this picture extra special.


If any of you wonder where my atrocious public behavior comes from, I present to you this exhibit. My mom may look innocent in this picture, but trust me, she has her moments, too. (That's Brian and Derek in the back.)

My Father, the Hunter/Gatherer
A Fellow of Nature

Grand Lake is the largest natural lake in Colorado, and the headwaters of the Colorado River. But no, look at ME!


They say to never strike your kids... Sliding Into Youth

The frozen lake was, as you might imagine, perfect for sliding. These kids made it even more fun by inviting us to slide into them. CRASH. Children are, happily, insane.


Nature's Sno Cones

The non-slidy parts of the lake were covered with these strange forms. What are they? Could they be a source of energy to use in the new millennium? Or were they planted here by aliens? The mind boggles!


Hanging out. Ha ha ha.

Ah, the town gazebo. "I am 30 going on 31..."


Of Moose and Min. ARCANE FACT: Min used to be (and, I suppose, still is) known as Minnie Mouse. When he bought this moose puppet, the name changed rather handily to Minnie Moose.

Minnie Moose, Minnie Moose, WEEEE!
The Enfant Shroud

At the Grand Lake house, we had our own Year 2000 baby! This is Avery, provided courtesy Melanie and Andrew. She was an awesomely delightful child. And she had this thing for laser labels...


Party pictures are party pictures, and rarely suitable for posting. However, I feel I should put up this one charming example. And that is all I have to say.

2000? Grunt.
Greg's Correspondence

In the morning, Robbyn presented some of us with letters we'd written back in 1990 just for this occasion. Greg's reading his here. I, as a gesture of openness, have posted mine to read. Click the little icon below.

The Past Speaks!

The Gang

Okay, one more party picture. It's the gang from high school, minus a few who couldn't make it. (Scotty's making an appearance at the bottom there.) These are some of the most important people in my life. It was sheer happiness to be with them for 2000. Thanks, guys!


Old Man Wren

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