All the Pretty Fleurs

Eons ago, before even the Earth had cooled into a habitable ball, I took these pictures. And now, finally, they are posted here for others—your very self, for instance—to see. Back in July 2001, I went to my home state of Colorado to see my friends and to hang out in a pretty damn pretty place.


Watching the Water Dry

One of the highlights of the trip was staying, once again, at Greg's parents' house at Grand Lake. It being summer and all, the weather was keenly swell for hiking. That'd be Jeff, Greg, and Jay taking a good ol' country gander at the crick.

Mr. Paul?

Scotty chose to attempt to fish.
He wasn't unsuccessful...


...In fact, it was while he was catching a fish that Greg and Jeff and I were skipping stones. Scotty was making all kinds of noise about catching something when a rock that I'd skipped in Greg's general direction—I was being childish—hopped right into his knee. Greg went sorta slow-motion-like into the water while we watched in complete and utter HORROR!!! His camera dunked into the stream, Scotty's fish got away, and from somewhere a faint voice cried out as if from a time long past: "Someone's going to get hurt, young man!" In the end, Greg was fine. Mostly. I can't vouch for his mental state.

Skip to the Bank My Darling
Heads Aflame!

What's a stay in the mountains without a fire? And what's a fire without s'mores? Exactly: NOTHING. So Greg, Scotty, Brian, and I took it upon ourselves to make sure NOTHING didn't happen.

Separation Line
Hands-Free Ventriloquism!

Babies and Colorado seem to go hand-in-hand these days. Witness Robbyn's baby, Eddie! Surely one of the most well-behaved and happy children ever in the entire universe (Okay, Avery was a model toddler as well), Eddie was so damn cute I've decided to get a kid myself. Oddly, they don't sell them at either Best Buy or Smith & Hawkin, so I might have to look online.


By well-behaved, I meant, of course, to include any typically funny baby-type behaviors.

Eeyouch, Little Baby
The Glorious Wren

Trip: July 18-22, 2001
Page: November 1, 2001