At Work with No Clothes

This is, trousers down, the most embarrassing costume I've ever worn. Except maybe the time I was that elf at the grand opening of Broadway Southwest and had to guide a Smurf around the store so he didn't fall down the escalators. That wasn't even for Halloween. But at least I got paid for it.

Cheers.  .sreehC

No, since I didn't know what kind of costume to wear to this party, I said I'd just go as Naked Man. The host dared me to do so, which meant I was stuck. How to go to a party naked but not? Well, here's the answer.

An Inappropriate Endorsement

So if it was embarrassing to wear, why post it here? Hey, I wore it in public. Three times! This is nothin'. Besides, I won second place in a costume contest at work. Yes, at work. $50 to a nice restaurant. Anything for food!



It's almost eight years later as I write this, and Censored Naked Man has been taking a little voyage around the Internet. I just found him on the Wired blog "Epicenter" (the story of that discovery is on The Wren Forum.)

Most of the other links I put here back in 2005 are defunct now, except for the Italian blog (June 14th entry). One comment there translated roughly as, "Ugly thing, censorship."

More recent links to the pics of Censored Naked Man come from:

The (quite graphic) Naked Workshops blog. Not sure where the link is to the pic, but I had to stop browsing for it. 'Cause it was, er, distracting.

The much less graphic InvestorsHub.com.

Another Italian blog.

And another.

My God, the dictates of paranoia suggest that I should be scared by this! I should feel violated! I should take the original down right away! But the thing is, I put it up in the first place. So I find it delightful that my costume is titillating and tickling the fancy of people around the world. When I'm famous some day, some talk show host will pull this picture out and hope to embarrass me. Instead, I will be calm, pause a moment, and say, "So I wore boxers. So what?"


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October 29 & 30, 1999
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